Toshiba Unveils the First Glasses-Free 3D TVs 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 05 October 2010

It was just a day or two ago that Toshiba pulled the plug on OLED which led to a discussion about the problems of expensive, small and low-resolution displays being sold at high prices.  Apparently that's not a concern when it comes to 3D.

The latest sets from Toshiba are fully 3D capable without the need for viewers to wear glasses.  It's a great idea, but it looks like we'll be stuck with the same sort of problems we faced with OLEDS.  The new sets are expensive, small, and at awkward resolutions.

The smaller of the two sets is the 12GL1, which measures 12 inches diagonally.  It's going to cost you $1,440 and you'll be getting a 466 x 350 resolution.  The 20GL1 is a bit more traditional at 20 inches and a resolution of 720p.  You'll be shelling out $2,880 if you want it though.

Both sets will be released in Japan in December, but there's no word yet on a US launch.

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