Star Wars is Coming to Theaters in 3D 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 01 October 2010

Do you love 'Star Wars?'  Do you love 3D movies?  Well you're in luck.  The entire 'Star Wars' series will soon be coming to theaters yet again, but this time in 3D. 

George Lucas has been waiting for the right time to make the leap and evidently he feels that the time is now.  As a result, he and the folks at Lucasfilm have begun conversion of all six 'Star Wars' movies.

That's the good news, but here's the bad news.  The films are being put out in chronological order, not in order of release.  Starting in 2012 you'll get 'The Phantom Menace' in 3D.  2013 will bring 'Attack of the Clones' to the table while 2014 will boast 'Revenge of the Sith.'  It's a long wait, but it may be worth the five years before we finally get to 'A New Hope,' in 2015. 

One interesting thing to note is that while each film is slated for release a year after the previous one, releases may depend on the financial success of 'The Phantom Menace.'  The message here is that if you want 'Empire Strikes Back' in 3D, you've got to suffer through Jake Lloyd first.

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