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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 01 October 2010

It's rare that we see a real gem come out, but this week's releases provide us with two highly rated movies.  One a Hollywood remake of a Swedish vampire film, the other an exploration of the history of one of the web's most popular sites.  Both very, very good.

The Social Network

There was a movie that came out back in 1999 that you may remember called 'Pirates of Silicon Valley.'  It was a made for TV that chronicled the beginnings of Microsoft and Apple, from the college days of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs onward.  'The Social Network' is just as compelling, but with director David Fincher behind it, it manages to do so much more than 'Pirates' could.

'The Social Network' is smart, but full of emotion, drama and thrilling moments.  It's everything you'd expect from Fincher teamed up with Aaron Sorkin.  It also presents actor Jesse Eisenberg in a less comedic role than he's been filling recently, giving us a good look at his full range of talents.

Let Me In

It's a movie with a vampire in it, but it's about more than a traditional vampire flick.  It's about the dark side of humanity, and deals with issues you won't find in most films.  'Let Me In' is a remake of the Swedish movie 'Let the Right One In,' which often spells doom.   In this case though, director Matt Reeves manages to stay faithful to the original, prompting a volley of positive reviews

Also Coming Out This Week

Case 39
Ip Man (limited)

Leaving (limited)

Freakonomics (limited)

Nuremberg (limited)
Is It Just Me? (limited)

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