MartinLogan's Theos - The Most Affordable in the Reserve Line 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 27 September 2010

MartinLogan's Reserve line is impressive, and full of high-priced, high quality speakers.  The Theos is the latest edition to the line, and it brings MartinLogan Reserve speakers down to a price that's much simpler to afford.

Like the Ethos speaker, the Theos sports a 9.2 inch wide by 44 inch tall XStat electrostatic transducer that helps achieve the distinct 30 degree dispersion pattern.  It features thinner steel stators, which not only assist in producing the desired arc, but make the panel even more transparent.

The Theos uses an 8 inch aluminum cone woofer and a Vojtko crossover to create blending that's as seamless as possible.
You'll be able to pick up the Theos at under $5,000 a pair when it launches through MartinLogan's exclusive group of Reserve dealers.

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