NuVision Announces High-End 3D Sets 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 20 September 2010

There are surprisingly few manufacturers that exist to fill the need for high-end televisions sets, but NuVision is one of the first names that leaps to mind.  Their new Lucidium FX10 LS is designed to give discerning viewers a 3D TV with NuVision quality.

The FX10 LS is an LED backlit LCD set, though it sports edge lighting rather than being fully backlit by LEDs.  NuVision says that thanks to backlight diffusion and a Tru Dimming algorithm, the FX10 can produce "the highest degree of lighting uniformity," while delivering a well detailed picture.

NuVision's new TV also sports FX10 technology, which allows it to generate a 5:5 pulldown rather than 3:2.  It can do 240 frames per second, and is able to use a proprietary frame doubling interpolation for blur free fast motion.

You'll be able to pick up the 46 inch FX10 LS for $5,499, while the 55 inch version will run $5,499.  Both will be available in October with the option of U Color.  A mirror screen is available for the 55 inch set which comes in at a total of $8,499.

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