Olive Gets Affordable With the $999 Olive O3HD 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Olive's O4HD music server has been a hit, netting rave reviews and an incredibly positive consumer response, but at over $2,000 it's not something everyone can afford. 

Enter the O3HD. It's the cheapest HD music server on the market at just $999 and it's incredibly slick.  Like the O4HD, you won't have to worry about streaming or organization any more, since the O3HD takes care of it for you.

You can store up to 5,000 HD songs on the internal hard drive of the O3HD.  Since that's a quarter of what can be stored on the O4HD we can presume that we're looking at a 500GB hard drive, which is more than enough for most CD collections.

The system can automatically pull music from your CDs, but if you've got an ample collection, the folks at Olive will do it for you.  The first 100 CDs uploaded are free, and the rest come at a charge.

And of course, the O3HD will play back those ripped FLAC files through a 24-bit DAC with 192kHz upsampling that's bound to provide tremendous sound quality.

The player sports a color touchscreen for browsing, control and viewing album art.  If you'd prefer though, there's a free app that will let you control the device from your iPhone or iPad. It's got a cool design aesthetic and a fan-free cooling system so there's no unwanted noise.

The O3HD is available directly from Olive at a price of $999.

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