LG Intros the World's Largest LED LCD 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Typically if you're looking for a display over 50 or 60 inches, you're going to move out of the realm that LCD can handle and pick up a DLP or projector.  LG doesn't seem to be content with that though - the company has announced an absolutely massive LED backlit LCD.

The LEX9 is a 72 inch 3D capable LED backlit set that dwarfs just about everything else LCD.  It utilizes Full LED technology, which means you're not dealing with edge lighting.  Instead you'll get local dimming throughout the screen.

Aside from the size, the 72LEX9 is just what you'd expect from one of LG's high end sets.  It's designed in the Infinia style, with a thin body and small bezel, it's DNLA compliant and it can pull down NetCast content, though it looks like you'll have to plug in to get it.

There's no price yet set for the LEX9, but we'll certainly find out more before the Spring 2011 release date.

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