LG Unveils a 31 Inch OLED 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 13 September 2010

There are two big problems with OLED televisions as it stands right now.  They're prohibitively expensive and they're just not big enough.  The TV LG showed off last week is a big improvement on the latter point.

It just doesn't make sense to shell out cash for an 11 inch or 15 inch television, even if it is absolutely dazzling in appearance.  LG's 31 inch OLED is a nice step up in size and in resolution – it's capable of full 1080p.

The 31 inch set is at the top of the size bracket for OLEDs, but it's also ridiculously thin, coming in at just 2.9mm.  It's got an attachable bracket that makes it simple to mount on walls or ceilings, and since it's a nice light and thin set, it doesn't take much to hang it.

LG's new set boasts features like Perfect Black Level and Infinite Contrast Ratio, which is a much simpler way to say that there's a lot of contrast here.  LG says that you'll be able to view the OLED set with the same colors – including dark colors – from any angle. Sadly, there's no word yet on availability or cost.

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