PureDepth And Samsung Showcase LCD Displays With Multi-Layer Display Technology 
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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

PureDepth, Inc., a global leader in next-generation display technologies and the pioneer of multi-layer display (MLD) technology, and Samsung, a global leader in LCD, semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies, debuted a 46-inch MLD display, the largest LCD display monitor ever made using PureDepth’s MLD technology, offering a glimpse into the future of television, computer monitors, and public information and advertising displays.

The LCD display monitor with MLD technology is being shown at the Society for Information Display conference in Long Beach, Calif., and easily surpassed the 30-inch monitor that was previously the world’s largest.

PureDepth’s MLD technology is a layered, multi-dimensional (using real depth between two or more LCD panels) viewing innovation that enables users to simultaneously view two separate fields of data on one monitor. By overlaying two or more separate image planes within a single monitor, PureDepth technology provides true depth of vision that significantly enhances the visual experience with realistic 3D effects, faster response to time-critical data and better assimilation and comprehension of data of any kind.

“We believe Samsung’s large format MLD-devices will change the way people watch TV and play video games, while also creating an incredible array of new ways for advertisers to reach consumers,” said Fred Angelopoulos, CEO of PureDepth. “MLD technology allows people to see things in real depth, allowing content to grab people’s attention like never before. We’re thrilled to work with Samsung to bring these vibrant displays to market.”

Source: Press Release

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