Boxee Responds to the Launch of the Apple TV – Prices the Boxee Box 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 02 September 2010

The secret is out, if it was ever secret in the first place, and Apple TV is on the way.  It's coming out just two months before the much heralded Boxee Box, but the folks at Boxee don't seem too worried.

"Most of us at Boxee are Apple fanboys. If it is silver and it has the Apple logo on it, we pre-order it," writes Avner Ronen on the official Boxee blog.  He says that the company as a whole is excited about the Apple TV, but that it's not really competition for the Boxee Box.

"We think people want to be able to watch anything that they can watch on their computer, only on their bigscreen TV," writes Ronen.  "We have a different view of what users want in their living rooms."  Ronen stresses that the Boxee Box will allow you to watch just about whatever you want and give you a 1080p while you're at it.

"The Boxee Box is going to be $100 more expensive than the Apple TV," he writes, which puts the Boxee Box right at the expected $199 price point, "but will give you the freedom to watch what you want.

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