HP Wireless TV Connect Streams 1080p From Your PC 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 01 September 2010

There's no question that digital libraries are growing.  Whether you download files legally or less than legally, you need some way to get them onto your TV.  Game consoles, Blu-ray players receivers and set-top boxes all have ways of dealing with digital media, but compatibility is always an issue.

HP's Wireless TV Connect streaming solution bypasses that problem entirely.  It's similar to other similar products we've seen, but with a bit less demand in terms of power.   The Asus WiCast, for example, requires two USB ports to run the device, while HP's only needs one.

In terms of functionality, they're pretty similar.  You simply hook up the sending unit to your PC and the receiving unit to your television.  Once you're all hooked up you can send 1080p video straight across the room with under a millisecond of delay.  You can pick up the Wireless TV Connect this October for $199.

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