LG Introduces the LEX8 Featuring Nano LED Lighting 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 30 August 2010

Berlin's IFA show is coming up and there's plenty of exciting new tech to be shown off.  Prime among that is LG's new Nano Lighting Technology, utilized by the new LEX8. The LEX8 uses a normal array of LED lights, but with one difference.  There's an incredibly thin piece of film sitting in front of the lights.  On that film are incredibly small printed dots, designed to make light from the LEDs diffuse more evenly. 

It may not sound like a huge change, but LG CEO Simon Kang says it's a difference of night and day.  "Just as difficult as it is to watch standard TV after experiencing high definition, people will resist going back to regular LED LCD TVs after viewing the LEX8," he states.

The LEX8 is incredibly thin at just 88mm and features a bezel of only 1.25cm – the smallest bezel of any LED backlit television.  It's also 3D capable, and includes features like NetCast, a Magic Motion remote and TruMotion 400Hz.  That's right, 400Hz.  LG will be showing off the set at the beginning of September, but there's no word yet on pricing and availability.

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