Boxee Adds a Movie Library and New Content Partners 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 30 August 2010

The Boxee TV Library is one of those things that seems like an inevitability.  It's something that should have existed long ago and now that it does, it's hard to live without.  Using the TV Library you can search for television shows online from multiple sources.

Today they've added the same thing, but for movies.  The Boxee Movie Library incorporates the same simple search functionality at the TV Library, and launches with four different content providers.  

If you're looking for big budget Hollywood films, you'll be out of luck.  If you want something to supplement your Netflix subscription though, you'll find all you need through EZTakes, IndieMoviesOnline, MUBI and Openfilm.  The services mostly provide free, ad-supported streaming of independent and cult movies.

There are more services coming soon, says Boxee, in addition to countless bug fixes and tweaks in preparation for the launch of the Boxee Box later this year.

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