Vincent Audio Announces a New HDCD Player 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Vincent's new CD-S8 is one of few players on the market designed specifically for playback of HDCDs. The CD-S8 incorporates the Philips VAM1250 CD transport for its low noise and long life expectancy.  It includes the Texas Instruments PM1792 DAC for 24-bit quality and a 192kHz sample rate.

Rather than going with a solid state or hybrid design, Vincent used a full vacuum tube section for the analog output stage of the CD-S8.  It sports a single Chinese 12AX7 along with a pair of Russian 6922 dual triode tubes.  The circuitry of the analog out section is completely shielded from both the digital and high-voltage power supply circuits, keeping the signal as pure as possible.

You get a wide range of output choices on the CD-S8.  You can send audio out through XLR or RCA jacks, but also digitally through optical and coaxial outputs.  Vincent's HDCD player also offers a separate headphone stage with its own volume control.  You can pick up the CD-S8 now at a price of $3,295 in either black or silver.

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