CBS is in Talks With Hulu 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 03 August 2010

CBS has been holding out for a long time on the Hulu front, but it looks like the company may finally be ready to take the plunge.  It's the last major network to sign on to the service, but the wait looks like it'll be over soon.

One of the biggest concerns CBS had, aside from the financial one of course, is that signing on with Hulu would eliminate the possibility of other streaming and download services.  "Our goal is to get paid for our content in as many different ways as we can without hurting the mother ship," explains CBS exec Les Moonves. "The key here is flexibility."

Hulu Plus has made CBS a bit more interested though.  If customers are paying a subscription fee, the studio's cut should be getting a boost.  That's hard to pass up.  "Are we having discussions with the Hulu subscription service?" queries Moonves rhetorically, "Yes we are."

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