Luxurite Announces an 82 Inch Glass Television 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 02 August 2010

"Alright man, I know this is gonna sound nuts.  I was looking in that giant mirror in your living room and suddenly I started seeing things.  Crazy things.   It was like CNN was beamed right into my brain in glorious 1080p.  You can't even imagine it."

That's just one of the many fun conversations you can have with your friends if you pick up Luxurite's massive new glass television.  At 82 inches, it's the largest on the market to date.  It's also weatherproof, in case you need an 82 inch mirror/television combination on your deck.

Of course, if you can't swing an 82 inch television, or you just want something smaller, you can pick up one of Luxurite's other sets.  They've got glass sets in sizes from 15 inches on up to 42, in addition to the massive 82 inch set. The company hasn't yet announced a price for the new sets.

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