Sony's New Laser Makes Blu-rays Look Archaic 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 23 July 2010

Advancements in technology, no matter what the application, are incredibly cool to learn about.  When it's something that could be benefitting us in five or 10 years time, it's even cooler.  Sony's new blue-violet laser definitely qualifies.

Sure, it's not going to cure diseases or revolutionize space flight, but it could do some really amazing things for video.  The new laser is capable of reading from discs with up to 20 times the capacity of current Blu-rays.  That's 20 times 50GB, which comes out to a Terabyte of space, more than most hard drives.

Of course, the laser has only now been developed and there's no telling whether it will actually be scaled for consumer use in the future or if there will even be a new form of optical media used for entertainment purposes.  

Let's face it though, getting an entire season or an entire series of a television show with a 1080p resolution and lossless audio onto a single disc is something we're all looking forward to.

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