Balanced Audio Technology Releases the REX 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The REX is the latest balanced preamplifier to come out of Balanced Audio technology.  It's an upgrade to the VK-52SE and from the look of things, it's absolutely worthy of the name. On the outside, it's matte black with blue LED lights and subdued controls that don't diminish the look.  It's made of two pieces, the control module and the power module, both of which weigh in at over 35 pounds.

Just as with many of Balanced Audio's products, the REX is entirely unconventional when it comes to the power supply.  There are two inside of the REX, one with a positive polarity sits within the control module and one with a negative polarity is mounted at the control module.  

The power module in the REX sports ten tubes, while the gain stage contains four 6H30 SuperTubes per channel.  Not a fan of the SuperTube sound?  Not to worry, the preamp is customizable with three different tube types at launch, and the possibility of more on the way.
Pricing information is available through authorized dealers and installers.

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