LG and Toshiba Join the ZigBee Alliance 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The ZigBee specification isn't designed to make your TV look better or send wireless video through the air.  It's not something designed for certain users and not for others, either.  It tackles one of the most basic pieces of television functionality – the remote control.

"We view ZigBee RF4CE as an industry-changing solution," says Ho Jun Nam, principle research engineer at LG. "[ZigBee] dramatically improves upon the old infrared remote control user experience that is very limited in coverage, direction and data reliability."

Traditional remotes are being stretched to the limit of functionality as it is with the regular addition of new features like streaming video, internet browsing and video calling.  Nam says that's just why LG and ZigBee decided to get together. "We believe that ZigBee RF4CE will enable us to design low power interface devices that offer bi-directional communications, with agile response times and flexible human interface design to accommodate these new functionalities."

Toshiba's Shigenori Tokumitsu concurs, saying that "ZigBee RF4CE is a critical building block upon which we can develop new, reliable and interactive solutions." From the sound of things, you can expect to see some cool new TV remote functionality out of the next crop of sets from both Toshiba and LG.

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