Samsung Launches Three New 3D Capable Blu-ray Players 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Usually new product releases are preceded by a flurry of emails from PR folks, or at least a press release or two.  The recent release of a trio of new, improves Samsung Blu-ray players was a much quieter affair.  The line flushes out Samsung's 3D offerings, which is important if you're one of the main driving forces behind the 3D craze. 

The new players, according to Samsung, are best thought of as improvements over the previous line.  The new BD-C5900, for example, is essentially a BD-C5500 with 3D capabilities added.  Similarly, the 6800 is a 3D equipped version of the 6500.  The most interesting is the BD-C7900, which adds a second HDMI output for audio. The street price of these is still up in the air, but the MSRP on the 5900 sits at $230 while the 6800 has a list of $280.  The price of the BD-C7900 rests at $399.

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