Sonus faber Announces a Run of 30 Fenice Loudspeakers 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 12 July 2010

Forgetting the audio for a moment, the Fenice loudspeaker is absolutely stunning from a visual standpoint.  Regardless of the finish, this massive speaker looks elegant and powerful.  But, of course, the visual aspect is only a small piece of the system.

Let's break it down bit by bit.  It starts with a 25mm Neodymium/Samarium-Cobalt Larsen/Goeller ring radiator that’s' been decoupled from the baffle board.  That's a mouthful, but put it all together and it's one hell of a tweeter. Sonus picked a 6.5 inch cone to handle the mids, since it provided the most natural sound.  It uses a cellulose pulp that's been blended with papyrus and other fibers.  It uses a standard Neodymium magnet and a 1.5 inch voice coil.

The Fenice sports a pair of 10 inch woofers to pick up the lows and an additional 15 inch sub takes things even lower.  You'll get a frequency response from 20Hz to 35kHz. One of the most interesting features is the Sound Field Shaper, which allows you to manipulate a rear mounted 4.5 inch mid-woofer to get the best coverage.

There will only be thirty of these speakers made, and they'll be priced at around $175,000 each.  They're also staggeringly heavy, at a weight of over 1,300 pounds.  So if you pick one up, make sure you bring a friend to help you carry it.  And a truck.

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