Mitsubishi Brings Back the LaserVue – Adds Ten Inches 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Mitsubishi's new LaserVue, the L75-A91, is nothing short of impressive.  At 75 inches, it's significantly larger than the former 65 inch model, and it's got a great assortment of features.  The only real question is why Mitsubishi decided to use a nightmarish harlequin figure to promote the set.

The LaserVue is equipped with none other than the LaserVue Light Engine and boasts the inclusion of EdgeEnhancer, Perfect Color and Perfect Tint – all designed to get the best picture possible.  It's also got 12-bit video processing and a total of four HDMI inputs.

The L75-A91 is 3D Ready too.  Not out of the box though.  You'll need to pick up a 3D Starter Pack for $399, which includes two pairs of active shutter glasses, a 3D signal adapter, an emitter for the glasses, an HDMI cable and a Disney Blu-ray 3D Showcase.

And of course, the LaserVue is massive.  It's 15 inches deep, which is five inches more than the 65 inch model.  It's also heavy, weighing in at over 150 pounds. You'll be able to pick up the 75 inch LaserVue TV for $5999 when it launches.

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