Vincent Audio's KHV-111MK Hybrid Vacuum Tube Headphone Amp is Now Available 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 17 June 2010

If you're serious about listening to music through headphones, you know that a headphone amplifier is an essential piece of equipment.  Vincent's new KHV-111MK aims to be the ultimate headphone amp. It's a hybrid of solid-state circuitry and a 12AX7 vacuum tube input stage.  That means it uses a two-channel Class A triode tube.  It's also got a large and stable power supply to support the hybrid nature of the amp.

The one thing that the KHV-111MK certainly isn't is light.  It's heavier than most headphone amps at a hefty seven pounds.  As far as controls go, the KHV-111MK is about as simple as it gets.  There are volume pots for both the left and right channels and a power switch.  

The design is pretty slick.  You can get the headphone amp in a black or silver finish.  Either way, you'll have a small window into the amp that reveals the glow of the vacuum tube. You can pick up the KHV-111MK now for $499.

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