Vizio is Set to Demo a Consumer Grade Passive 3D TV 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 17 June 2010

Sure, you can get a 3D screen that uses passive technology right now, but you're not going to find it through traditional channels.  You'll have to get a professional monitor that's decidedly not equipped as a television.

But Vizio is bringing that tech to the consumer level.  Later this month, the company is slated to show a 65 inch 3D HDTV that uses passive technology, which means it'll be a lot easier to pick up a handful of spare glasses for when friends come by.
The cost of the set hasn't yet been revealed, but from what we know of 3D technologies, a passive display is an expensive display.  It's sort of a trade-off.  Cheap glasses, expensive display.  Expensive glasses, cheap display. We'll certainly find out more next Tuesday, when Vizio kicks off the CEA Line show with a press conference on June 22nd.

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