Bel Canto Bows New Stereo Amplifiers and a USB Link 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 09 June 2010

Along with the impressive DACs to come out of Bel Canto, a pair of stereo amplifiers has been launched.  Both amplifiers – the e.One S125  and the REF150S – offer a 117dB dynamic range, fully balanced XLR outputs and a 125w output at 4 ohms  at 1% distortion.

The REF also boasts high-speed low-noise rectifiers and high-voltage film filter capacitors which increase the energy storage of the amp's power supply.  That means lower noise and better, sweeter sound.

The 24/96 Light Link is a practical solution to the problem of USB cable length.  If you're trying to run USB into a DAC but you need more than 15 feet or so, you're going to run into a big issue.  Namely, there's just aren't cords that'll do it.  The Light Link will take that signal, convert it to ST High Speed Glass-Fiber, which can handle the long runs.

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