JHAudio In-Ear Monitors Aren't Just for Bands 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 03 June 2010

Look closely at long running bands while they're playing on stage, and you'll notice something that might seem odd.  Some or all of the members are wearing in-ear headphones.  Drummers especially favor in-ear monitors to get the full sound mix.

But those monitors aren't just made for use on the stage, at least not anymore. "Everyone who tries our products is absolutely blown away,' says JHAudio founder Jerry Harvey.  "Listening to music through the PRO Series is like sitting right there in the studio mix down room with the sound engineer."

Four different models of the JHAudio monitors are available now, each step up adding more drivers.  The JH|10X3 PRO, for example, costs $799 and uses three drivers – one for lows, one for mids and one for highs – and has a frequency response of 20Hz to 17kHz.  The JH|11 PRO adds another low driver, creating a frequency response of 10Hz to 17kHz, which is remarkably low for in-ear headphones.  It's not much more costly than the 10X3 either, at just $850.

For twice the amount of drivers used in the 10X3, you can turn to the JH|13 PRO, which is the first six-driver in-ear monitor to hit the market.  It's still got the 10Hz lows of the 11 Pro, but takes highs up to 20kHz.  You can pick it up for $1,099.  JH|16 PRO is at the top of the line.  It's the only eight-driver in-ear monitor available today, taking the six from the 13 PRO and adding another pair of low drivers, for a total of four.  It's available now at $1,199.

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