Sharp's New TVs Let Individual Users Choose To Watch in 2D or 3D 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 02 June 2010

So here's the scenario.  You've got some friends over to watch your new 3D set, but one of them (we'll call him Gary) just can't handle the 3D images, he gets really bad headaches.  Normally you're faced with two choices.  Either everyone has to switch back to 2D, or Gary has to deal with the 3D headache.

Sharp's newest AQUOS Quattro line – so far only announced for Japan – has a solution to the problem. Each set of 3D glasses have a switch that allows you to jump from 3D to 2D viewing without having to change any settings on the TV itself.

So instead of having to suffer through his pain or forcing everyone else to go back to 2D, Gary can simply toggle his glasses to 2D mode and they'll show him the regular, two dimensional image. The one annoyance about the tech is that 2D viewers will still have to wear 3D glasses.

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