Make any USB Port a DVI Output with Gefen's Adapter 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 24 May 2010

If you've ever tried getting a standard laptop or netbook to send video to your TV and look good, you've probably run into the problem of outputs.  You'll usually have a VGA out, and that only satisfies if you don't mind making some sacrifices to video quality.

Gefen's latest adapter solves the problem admirably, by converting any USB port into a DVI output.  In fact, you can modify as many as six USB ports to go DVI, with full 1080p support.

It doesn't eat up too much in the way of memory, Gefen made sure of that.  The USB to DVI adapter doesn't need to go through a complicated install process or require that the system be rebooted either, it just works. You can pick up the Gefen USB to DVI adapter now for $129.

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