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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 24 May 2010

There's a meeting happening this week between the heads of Sony and Samsung, two of the largest HDTV suppliers around today.  They'll be there to talk about 3D standards, and hopefully work out a standard for 3D glasses.  But there's another reason for the meet, and one that concerns Sony a lot more than getting 3D glasses right.

It goes like this.  Sony is finally on an upturn when it comes to HDTV sales and it looks like they might even see a profit soon.  But to make it happen, they plan to increase the amount of TVs they ship by 60 percent, and they'll need supplies, like LCD panels, made by Samsung.

Samsung is in a good position here, since they can win either way.  They already supply Sony with panels, and selling them more couldn't hurt.   It's likely that Samsung will increase the amount of panels sent to Sony, but they probably won't be giving Sony enough to take over the market Samsung currently dominates.

It's also pretty likely that Sony will be evangelizing Google TV a bit, since Samsung is still undecided.

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