HDelight BV-1222 Brings Wireless HD to HTPCs 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 21 May 2010

Hooking up an HTPC is a freeing experience.  You can browse whatever internet content you want to, use any streaming service, and watch any video format.  There's no worry about firmware updates, Netflix and Hulu compatibility, and you can upgrade whenever you like.

The problem with the HTPC is that it's not the most subtle thing to stick into your entertainment center.  And until now there hasn't been a great way to get wireless 1080p.  The HDelight from brite-View takes care of that.

It's simple enough to use.  Plug the transmitter into your PC's HDMI port and the receiver into your TV or receivers HDMI port.  Just like that, you've got a lossless 1080p signal flying wirelessly through your house.  Brite-View says the HDelight will be launching in July for under $200.

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