CBS is Prepping iPad Compatibility 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 11 May 2010

With every new piece of technology comes a set of problems that must be hurdled, and the iPad is no exception.  If you’ve been keeping  up with the latest info on the device, and one infamous essay by Steve Jobs, you know that there’s no plan to support Flash on the iPad.

The problem with failing to include Flash support is that most video streaming on the web is done through Flash.  Services like YouTube and Netflix have created applications to allow iPad users to get content, but CBS is taking a different approach.

Rather than create a workaround app, CBS is prepping a full HTML5 site, which will launch this summer. If you’re browsing on an iPad or a similar device, you’ll be redirected to the HTML5 site, which will feature the exact same content as the main site.  If you’re browsing on your home computer, don’t expect any changes.  CBS is still maintaining their main flash site as the primary entrance.

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