Audiophilleo Announces USB to SPDIF Transports 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 03 May 2010

Going digital often means sacrifice for audiophiles.  Even with a whole collection ripped down to FLAC, there's an issue of output.  Most computers only have one kind of audio output, and that's especially true with laptops.  Getting the best sound out of a 3.5mm jack is trying.

The Audiophillio is fully powered by your USB port and offers plenty of features you won't find elsewhere.  It's one of few USB transports that uses fixed frequency clocks, a 12V trigger for control, and VirtualCable, a feature that allows the device to change SPDIF transition speed and eliminate overlapping waves.

"The design goal for Audiophilleo1 was to create a replacement for a CD transport with SPDIF output," says Audiophilleo, "with the addition of features typically found in AV receiver."  There's no release date for Audiophilleo's devices yet, but pricing has been announced.  The fully featured Audiophilleo1 will sell for $895, while the more stripped down Audiophilleo2 will run $495.

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