Crestron iPad App Coming Soon 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The iPad may not be the most practical thing to use for eBooks or music, and as a network media viewer, it doesn’t offer much advantage over a netbook.  As an automation controller though, there’s a lot of potential.

Crestron’s iPad app, Mobile Pro G, is on the way.  Like Crestron’s other apps, you’ll be able to control your devices directly without having to pick up any third party software or accessing remote servers.  You’ll be able to adjust your lights, browse your Blu-ray collection and even check to see who’s at the door using the Mobile Pro G app.

There’s plenty of screen to work with on the iPad, and Crestron’s app certainly takes advantage of it.  Functionality is key of course, but early screenshots of the app are gorgeous.  Of course, you can set your own background and personalize your controls as you see fit.

Crestron hasn’t announced a date for the app, but the company says to expect it soon.

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