Toshiba Rolls Out Impressive New REGZAs in Japan 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Saturday, 17 April 2010

While we in the US are still waiting to get our hands on the CELL TV, Japanese customers are getting one very cool new REGZA.  In all, three new television lines were announced, but it’s the REGZA Z series that’s most worthy of attention.

The new Z series sets are available in 37, 42, 47, and 55 inch sizes, and all sport a 1080p resolution.  They’ve got LED backlighting, four HDMI inputs, an Ethernet port and Windows 7 compatibility.  But the real excitement is in their recording function.

Unlike the CELL, these sets don’t have a built in hard drive.  What they do have is the ability to record to an external USB drive or, even better, a DNLA compliant storage device on your home network.  If you’ve already got an entertainment server set up, you’ll now be able to store your television all in one place.

The REGZA HE1 series also rates a look.  Though they’re only available in smaller sizes – a maximum of 26 inches – they all sport 500GB internal drives.  The HE1 series also offers the ability to record over LAN or to a USB drive.

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