Bang & Olufson’s BeoLab 11 Sub is Unique to Say the Least 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 14 April 2010

There’s no question about where Band & Olufson’s priorities lie.  They make televisions and home theater components, but it’s less about the quality of the product itself than the aesthetics of the product.  They tend to focus more on the artistic quality of the piece than the functionality.  The BeoLab 11 is no exception.

Downplaying the looks of the BeoLab 11 would be doing it a disservice.  It’s definitely different, and I’m a fan of the strange egg shaped design.  It’s a sub that looks interesting, and that’s rare.  If you’re looking for something you can have out in your living room without hiding it behind a couch, you’ve found a contender.

The specs are strange though.  For starters, the BeoLab 11 handles sounds from 300Hz down to 33Hz.  Rather than using a single large driver, it uses a pair of 6.5 inchers that face eachother.   This makes it omni-directional, which means it can be rotated into any position, according to B&O.

The BeoLab 11 is also quite unique in that it is wall mountable.  Just why you’d want to mount a large silver egg-like subwoofer on your wall is beyond me, but it’s nice to know that you can.

If you’re interested in the BeoLab 11, you’ll be able to pick it up this May with pricing starting at $2,000.

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