Samsung's 3D Warning: Don’t Use if Pregnant, Drinking, Elderly or Tired 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Samsung wants everyone to use its new 3D sets.  Well, almost everyone. According to the warnings listed on the company’s website, there are a substantial group of people who shouldn’t be watching 3D televisions.  For starters, Samsung says that pregnant women should stay away from 3D.  There’s no stated reason why, but the restriction is curious.

Old people should stay away from 3D content too.  According to Samsung, “the elderly… should avoid utilizing the unit’s 3D functionality.”  So should those that suffer from serious medical conditions and anyone who is sleep deprived.  Sorry insomniacs, you’ll want to stick with two dimensions for now.

The strangest one, considering the amount of 3D soccer being broadcast in UK pubs, is the warning that 3D should not be viewed while under the influence of alcohol.  Again, there’s no reason specified, but it seems likely that drinking could ramp up the possible side effects of 3D.

Samsung says that some of those side effects can be quite serious, and says that if you experience them, you should “stop viewing 3D pictures immediately and consult a medical specialist.”  Among the warning signs are dizziness, lightheadedness, altered vision (such as seeing in 3D?), nausea, confusion and disorientation. Children and teenagers are most likely to experience these.

So go enjoy your 3D television with Samsung’s blessing as long as you’re not too young, too old, tired, pregnant or drunk.

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