Axiom Audio Announces Easy Install On-Wall Speakers 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 08 April 2010

On-wall speakers can be a pain.  Making sure the wires are in the right hole is a surprisingly difficult task when installation comes into play.  Axiom’s new line of on-wall speakers are slick, and the patented Power Bracket makes setup a snap.

The new line of surround speakers features the compact M0 and ramps its way on up.  Among the offerings are the M2, M3 and M22, wall hanging versions of Axiom’s bookshelf speakers.  Each of the on-wall versions is identical to the bookshelf version in every way, including price.

Axiom has also introduced the VP100 and VP150, which are on-wall versions of Axiom’s existing center channel speakers.  Like the rest of the line they reflect both the sonic qualities and pricing of the more traditional versions.

The M0 is available now, while the other models will go into production in May.  You can pick up the new speakers in a variety of finishes, and special real-wood and paintable versions should be available soon.

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