Panasonic and Samsung Won’t Use Google TV 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 01 April 2010

It’s getting to the point where it seems almost archaic to release a Blu-ray player or a television that doesn’t connect to the internet in some way.  At the least, people expect access to music streaming services and social networking, but video streaming is becoming the norm.  There’s no standard though.  Content differs from provider to provider, and so does quality.

Google TV is the solution that’s been brought together by Intel, Sony and Google.  It’s a sort of operating system for streaming content, but it needs hardware backing it.  According to Panasonic’s Robert Perry, using the Android based Google TV would “require processing power that adds too much to the cost of the set.”

Panasonic’s decision not to use the tech follows close on the heels of a similar move by Samsung, which said it plans to make its own applications.  Both companies have rejected the idea of using Google TV.  They didn’t detail exactly how much would need to be added in cost, and since Google hasn’t made an official announcement yet, we don’t know what the requirements would be.

So far, this puts Sony on the Google TV side, and Panasonic and Samsung against.  There’s no word yet from Toshiba, LG or Vizio.

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