Video on Demand Usage is On The Rise 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 01 April 2010

The results of the most recent poll by research firm Centris was a bit of a surprise.  When it comes to new movies, Video on Demand may soon be the dominant force.

Rental and retail numbers for February releases came in very close to one another.  35.9 million households chose to rent a new release via traditional methods, while 31.2 chose to buy a physical copy.  Digital delivery  didn’t beat standard rentals, but it eclipsed purchases.

A total of 32.2 million households got their movies electronically.  9.7 million went the Pay Per View route while 18.3 million got their content through VOD.  It’s the VOD numbers that are getting people excited.

In the last year, according to Centris, the amount of people using VOD services increased by ten million.  It’s a trend that will likely continue due to the increased amount of content available.  According to the survey, cable subscribers are twice as likely as satellite subscribers to watch VOD content.

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