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Tuesday, 23 May 2000

THE BREAKS, from Artisan, is a comedy featuring sex, drugs and violence, along with the talents of Lamont Bentley and Loretta Devine.

THE BUMBLEBEE FLIES AWAY, from USA, is a drama based on a Robert Cormier novel, with Elijah Wood (currently filming in New Zealand as Frodo in LORD OF THE RINGS), Rachael Leigh Cook, Janeane Garofalo and RogerRees.

CRADLE WILL ROCK, from Touchstone, is director/writer Tim Robbins'
"Ragtime"-esque pastiche about the making of Marc Blitzstein's 1930s agitprop musical, mixing historical and invented characters, with an enormous cast of names, including Hank Azaria as Blitzstein, Angus MacFayden as Orson Welles, Cary Elwes as John Houseman, Bill Murray as an unhappy comedian, Joan Cusack as an even more unhappy anti-Communist, and Susan Sarandon, Ruben Blades, Vanessa Redgrave, John Cusack, Emily Watson, Philip Baker Hall and others.

DREAMING OF JOSEPH LEES, from Fox, is a romantic (and rather slow) drama about a young woman caught up in a triangle and the perils of unconventionality in '50s rural England, with Samantha Morton, Rupert Graves and Lee Ross.

THE END OF THE AFFAIR, from Columbia TriStar, is director Neil Jordan's sexy adaptation of Graham Greene's tale of a WWII romance with an odd metaphysical twist. Julianne Moore (Oscar-nominated for her work here) and Ralph Fiennes are the lovers, Stephen Rea is the very patient two-timed spouse and Ian Hart is a dogged detective. The disk contains a short "making of" documentary, a music-only soundtrack with Michael Nyman's score, and audio commentaries from filmmaker Jordan and actress Moore.

EVIL LIVES, from A-Pix, is a new straight-to-video horror entry.

FELICIA'S JOURNEY, from Artisan, is the latest thriller/character study from always-intriguing filmmaker Atom Agoyan, starring Bob Hoskins as a man who may have some dangerously anti-social habits.

LABOR PAINS, from USA, is a comedy starring Kyra Sedgwick.

THE MAN WHO DROVE WITH MANDELA, from Cinema Guild, is a documentary about Nelson Mandela's openly gay, white driver, who stood up to various forms of bigotry in South Africa.

THOSE WHO LOVE ME CAN TAKE THE TRAIN, from Kino, is a French-language drama about a group of friends gathering for a far-away funeral, starring Vincent Perez.

THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, from MGM, is the newest James Bond entry starring Pierce Brosnan as 007, along with Sophie Marceau, Robert Carlyle and Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist. The DVD has options similar to THE MATRIX's "white rabbit" track, allowing the viewer to click on an icon in effects sequences for mini-"making of" documentaries. There are two supplementary audio tracks, one with director Michael Apted and one with production designer Peter Lamont, second-unit director Vic Armstrong (who is also a stunt coordinator with an epic list of credentials) and composer David Arnold, plus a music video by Garbage, a music-score-only soundtrack and, of course, a regular supplemental behind-the-scenes documentary.

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