XLO Debuts Reference-3 and Signature-3 Cables 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 26 March 2010

It’s sometimes difficult to explain to people that the purpose of a piece of equipment is to be invisible, but that’s the job of a lot of high-end audio gear.  Power conditioners don’t enhance the sound, they simply keep everything clean.  High end cables have an even less obvious purpose.  From an audio perspective, they should simply be invisible.

That’s what XLO is aiming towards, and since they control manufacturing of all their products, they’re able to work closely to keep quality standards high.  “We design and produce all our specialist connectors,” says XLO president Allen Sung. “The product is of such quality that it's supplied OEM to a surprising number of other brands.”

Both Reference-3 and Signature -3 cables are made of 99.99998% pure laboratory grade copper.  They’re designed to eliminate capacitive discharge effects, eliminating excess heat and audio artifacts. Retail pricing starts at $290 for a Reference-3 half meter audio pair, and $590 for Signature-3.

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