Details Revealed on Sony’s 3D Glasses 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 24 March 2010

There’s not much in the way of 3D content yet, but with auto conversion already upon us and more 3D on the way, there’s been a lot of initial concern over the battery life of 3D glasses.

Panasonic already estimated a 250 hour life for their specs, while Nvidia’s glasses will go for 40 without a charge.  Sony’s fall somewhere in the middle with a total of 100 hours of battery life.  Even your longest movie marathon can’t compete with Sony’s 3D specs.

One other feature Sony mentioned recently is an energy saving mode.  When the glasses aren’t receiving a 3D signal from your TV, the glasses go into standby mode, keeping the battery from draining unnecessarily.

The one thing that hasn’t been addressed yet is whether or not the batteries in anyone’s 3D glasses will be able to be replaced, or if you’re stuck charging them until they finally die.

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