Vincent Audio Debuts Vacuum Tube/Solid State Switchable CD Player 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The C-60 CD player from Vincent Audio doesn’t determine the winner in the debate between tube and solid state.  It simply makes the argument irrelevant.  If you pick up the Vincent C-60, you can go whichever way you like.  With the flick of a front-panel switch, you can choose whether you want the 6922EH vacuum tube to be the final output stage or if you’d rather have the precision solid state line output.

Anyone looking for a compact and light CD player is going to find the C-60 wanting; it weighs in an impressive 26.4 pounds.  Of course, that weight is made up of two separate final stage circuits, art 24-bit/192-kHz PCN1792 DACs, and a no-compromise approach to eliminating interference and keeping the noise-floor low.

The power supply, drive stage and output stage are all isolated physically and even the Wima coupling capacitors are kept isolated from active circuitry.   You can pick up the C-60 CD player now at a price of $4,695.

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