Sanus Full-Motion Mounts are Rolling Out 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The newest mounts from Sanus (VLF220, 210, and VMF220) offer a solution for less than capable DIY mounters.  We all know the adage, “measure twice, drill once,” but even the most careful handyman can end up installing a mount just a bit off axis. 

A set that’s just a bit off can be more distracting than one that’s way off, but thanks to a five degree lateral roll adjustment, you can solve the problem without having to reinstall the mount. The VLF220 ($399) can swivel seventy-five degrees, more than enough for most applications, and can extend up to 20” from the wall.  It holds TVs from 37” up to 56”, and up to 130lbs.  The VMF220 ($269) does the same for 26”-46” TVs that weigh in at 100lbs or less.

Sanus’ VLF210 ($319) can handle 37”-56” sets, but can support up to 150lbs.  The sacrifice to holding a heftier set is that while the range of motion remains the same, it can only extend ten inches out.

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