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Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Parasound has introduced its third generation half-rack width tuner. The Ztuner v.2 is a high-quality FM/AM tuner that improves on the popular Ztuner with upgraded performance and features to make life easier for the custom installation professional. These include software modules for both Crestron and AMX based control systems. Part of the problem-solving Parasound Zcustom matched mini-components, the Ztuner v.2 is just 1 rack space tall and 9-1/2 inches wide - half the width of a conventional audio component.

When used in whole house audio and control systems, the Parasound Ztuner v.2 benefits from a number of improvements to the RS-232 interface, including a larger receive buffer as well as automatic feedback of current station, preset number, band and power status. It also now features discrete IR commands for all functions: FM/AM band selection, tuning and tuning modes (present/auto/manual), and mono and stereo operation. The maximum number of station presets can be selected from 1 to 20 for both AM and FM separately, eliminating the need to scroll through unused presets.

Four discrete IR code sets enable up to four Ztuner v.2s to be controlled independently with the same IR control system. The Ztuner v.2 remote handset also controls the Parasound Zpre2 two channel audio/video preamplifier.

Hardware interfaces are also enhanced with three RCA jacks for simultaneous mono and stereo outputs, plus a 1/8” (3.5mm) stereo output jack for convenient hookup.

The Parasound Ztuner v.2 delivers audiophile-grade performance, with high sensitivity FM and AM tuning circuitry. It's specifications include 80 dB channel selectivity, 50 dB separation, a signal-to-noise ratio over 74 dB, and IHF sensitivities of 11dBf for mono and 37.2 dBf for stereo. It features automatic, manual, and preset tuning, and is capable of forced mono FM reception so listening to weak signals is more enjoyable.

The Ztuner v.2 can be used in conjunction with an optional Zblank adaptor for mounting alone in a 19-inch rack, or with an SBS side-by-side adaptor for mounting multiple Ztuners or other Parasound Z components, two abreast. The Ztuner also includes no-mar isolation feet for standalone use, and a removable AC power cord.

The Parasound Ztuner v.2 is currently available at a suggested retail price of $350.

Source: Parasound Press Release

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