Nvidia’s 3DTV Play Brings 3D Blu-rays to your HTPC 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 15 March 2010

If you’re using an HTPC as your main source of entertainment, you may have felt a little left out by the whole 3D Blu-ray thing.  With all the focus on 3D Blu-ray players, there hasn’t been much talk about 3D on PC.  If you’re using an Nvidia graphics card though, you’re covered.

3DTV Play is a piece of software that essentially takes your GeForce equipped computer and lets it run full HD Blu-ray playback.  You won’t get 3D 1080p60, but for movies you only really need the 1080p24, which it can do.  It’ll also handle the gaming standard of 720p60.

If you’re into games, you’ll be happy to know that 3DTV Play will convert your 2D games into 3D.  Unfortunately, it won’t do this with 2D video content.  On the other hand, it will let you stream 3D movies – presumably from your PC.  If you’ve already got Nvidia 3D Vision, you can pick up the software free when it comes out.  If not, you can pick it up for $39.99 – not a bad price for 3D capabilities.

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