BTX Introduces Field Terminable HDMI Connector 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 11 March 2010

Chances are, you’ve cut your own coaxial cable at some point.  It’s a nice easy job, since it’s a single wire, and popping a connector on is as simple as it sounds.  Phone lines and Ethernet cables are harder, but still doable. 

HDMI is much more difficult.  Custom lengths just haven’t been doable by hand, resulting in extra cable lying around.  “Until now, installers have had to rely on pre-made assemblies in standard lengths,” says Mark Chernoff of BTX, “because with 19 conductors to terminate, soldering of HDMI connectors is almost impossible in the field.”

The introduction of the new tool makes creating custom lengths of HDMI cable much simpler.  The hand tool uses a v-shaped blade that separates insulation from wires and helps to create a solid connection.  The tool itself runs $225 while the male ends are $14.95 each.

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