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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 09 March 2010

Samsung’s got quite a few sets coming out this year.  Each of the three flavors (LED backlit LCD, CCFL backlit LCD and plasma) of televisions will be getting 3D models, and each offers at least one set that’ll work with that slick new touchscreen remote.

The LN46C750 is the only standard LCD that’s really worth mentioning.  At $1,699 it handles 3D content, converts traditional 2D content into 3D and it’s compatible with the touchscreen remote.  As with all of Samsung’s 3D televisions, you’ll get a 3D copy of Monsters vs Aliens and a pair of 3D Active glasses free if you pick up a 3D Blu-ray player at the same time.

Samsung’s main focus in recent years has been LED backlighting, or as Samsung puts it “LED TV.”  Among the sets coming out this year are the C7000 and C8000 series.  They’re fairly similar models, and are priced appropriately.  The 55” 7000 set, which is available now, runs $3,299.  A 55” 8000 series model can be yours for $3,499 when it launches in April.

The C9000 line kicks things up significantly.  It’s astonishingly thin; at 0.3 inches, this is one of the more impressive looking TV lines out there.  It comes bundled with the touch screen remote, which sells separately for $350.  The 9000 isn’t cheap though.  The 55” model will cost you $6,999 this April - double that of the 8000.

Of course, no lineup would be complete without plasma.  Samsung’s C6500 and C7000 series plasmas are fairly close in feature set (though the C7000 is 3D capable) and close in price as well.  You can get a 58” C6500 for $2,399, while the 7000 runs $2,699.

The C8000 series plasmas are the highest end plasmas that Samsung will be releasing in the first half of 2010.  They include a Real Black Filter and Motion Judder Canceller to deliver the best picture quality possible.  A 58” C8000 can be yours for $2,999 when Samsung’s plasmas launch in May. 

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