DVDO Ships New VRS Precision Deinterlacing Card For The iScan VP30 
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Friday, 12 May 2006

DVDO®, by Anchor Bay Technologies, Inc. announces first customer shipments of their new Precision Deinterlacing card featuring ABT’s Video Reference Series (VRS) technology for the iScan™ VP30.

VRS Precision Deinterlacing™ delivers the image quality demanded by today's large-screen, high-resolution displays. It eliminates many of the artifacts found in common deinterlacers to produce a smooth image, free of artifacts such as jagged edges and combing. VRS Precision Deinterlacing features five-field motion-adaptive deinterlacing and edge-adaptive processing for video sources, along with advanced cadence detection for film and animation sources.

All processing is performed at full 10-bit resolution to preserve all the detail and subtle nuances in the video source. Edge-adaptive processing uses an adaptive, continuous-angle detection algorithm to accurately identify and smooth image edges. "Any-cadence" processing automatically locks to the wide variety of film and animation cadences found in current video sources, including non-standard cadences, and will track right through many types of "bad edits" and cadence changes.

Sports fans will appreciate the motion-adaptive and edge-adaptive deinterlacing which preserves the image detail while eliminating ragged edges on low angle diagonals, and flicker. The resulting picture is smooth and free of digital artifacts. Other special features include the ability to correctly detect multiple source types within a frame (e.g. video titles over film), and compensation to minimize artifacts caused by sequence breaks in film content.

Gamers will also be pleased to hear that the card features two different “Game Modes”. In many processors the effects of applying complex algorithms to the video image results in upwards of a seven frame delay. This can inhibit the “real-time” performance for gamers who want instantaneous response to react to stimuli and to realize peak performance from their application. The Precision Deinterlacing card, when set to “Game Mode 1” will reduce frame delay down to a two frame delay with edge and motion adaptive processing, and “Game Mode 2” yields slightly less than a one frame delay, while still performing edge adaptive processing.

The Precision Deinterlacing card is available for $499, and will be available through all authorized DVDO reseller channels. MSRP of the DVDO iScan VP30 is $1,999 and features all the current VRS technologies.

Source: DVDO Press Release

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