Marantz Offers Free Roku HD with Blu-ray Player Purchase 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 02 March 2010

High end home theater components offer much different functionality than what you’d find on the shelf at Best Buy.  They’ve got more ins and outs than most people would know what to do with, video processing that’s second to none, and adjustments that only an audiophile can truly appreciate.  They do what they do and they do it well.

Most high end components are single function.  Sure, your Blu-ray player plays DVDs and CDs, but it’s the same basic functionality.  They don’t provide access to Flikr, Twitter, Netflix or Facebook, but until recently they haven’t needed to.  But when the average consumer takes a look at a $2,000 Blu-ray player and a $129 Insignia player and thinks the Insignia’s better, that’s a problem.

Marantz is filling in the gaps in content offering by giving away a free Roku HD player with every Blu-ray player purchase.  The offer is valid until March 31st. for the BD5004, BD7004, UD8004 and UD9004 models purchased through an authorized dealer. By adding Roku, Marantz hopes to add value to their lineup while simultaneously bringing attention to everything Marantz players can do.

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